Research and Technology

Marine Bioenergy

  • Marine phototrophs as sources of ethanol and lipids for biodiesel production
  • Cellulases from marine microbes and extremophiles
  • Microbial hydrogen and methane production

Research at IMET on bioenergy includes hydrogen generation, ethanol, biodiesel and methane production. One research objective at IME is to develop robust biohydrogen production systems, and storage strategies by binding to thermally stable hydrogenase enzymes. Cyanobacteria and microalgae are being investigated as producers of ethanol. A cheap and reliable source of ethanol would have a major impact on US energy needs in the short term. Algae are studied as producers of biodiesel. Marine microalgae, which contain high oil content, are promising sources of biodiesel. Methane production from biomass provides a green approach for the generation of methane, the primary component of natural gas. The microbiological factors that regulate the conversion of organic waste to biogas are studied to improve the efficiency of the process.

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