Ernest Williams

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Ernest Williams

Research Interests

Ernest Williams is a Research Associate and part-time PhD student in the lab of Dr. Allen Place. He has conducted research on a variety of systems including hyperthermophilic microbes, crop plants, and animal models of tuberculosis infections. His current work in Dr. Place’s lab includes investigating the molecular basis of toxin production in harmful algae, using aragonite to remove excess nutrients in agriculture and aquaculture, and the industrial production and biocementation of aragonite by algae. Ernest has been working at IMET since 2007 and is the father of three boys.

Areas of Expertise: 

RNA/DNA Extraction, Manipulation and Sequencing
Genetic Design and Cloning
Bioinformatic Analysis
Protocol Design and Troubleshooting


University of Maryland College Park, 2001, BS Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

Graduate Program Foundation Areas:

Environmental Molecular Science and Technology