Eastern Oysters

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Eastern Oysters

May 18, 2020


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Eastern Oysters

  • Maryland oysters are eastern oysters and are found on the East and Gulf coasts
  • Oyster reefs are home to lots of other critters such as crab, fish, and barnacles
  • Oysters clean the water by filtration, up to ~50 gallons a day
  • Like us, oysters get sick. Diseases affecting oysters in the Chesapeake Bay include MSX and Dermo (not harmful to humans)

Where do oysters live?

The Burge Lab at IMET tests their hypotheses on what causes shellfish and eelgrass disease. They are studying how these species can work together to support a healthy ecosystem.

An ecosystem is a community of all living and non-living things in an area. Color your ecosystem on the next page! This ecosystem has a seabass, scallops, oysters, and eelgrass like you might find in the Chesapeake or Maryland Coastal Bays. 

You can color your own oyster ecosystem here

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