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April 2024

In this edition of Inside IMET, learn more about cracking the blue crab Virome with Jennifer Herrera! Read our interview on Allyson Kido our 2024 GSA president, get excited for all of the events happening at the 2024 IMET Open House, Recap of our IMET Winter Series, immerse yourself in our 2023 Annual Report and see us on WJZ! 

September 2023

In this edition of Inside IMET, learn more about algae and its nutritional benefits with graduate student, Kia Ramarui! Read about the most successful Open House in IMET history, learn more about Dr. Eric Schott, winner of the 2023 Regents Faculty Award for Excellence in Mentoring, explore the 2022 Annual Report, read about our summer interns nine-week experience, and so much more!

March 2023

Learn more about sustainable aquaculture with IMET graduate student Matt Stromberg, read about a significant breakthrough in antibiotic resistance research at IMET, learn how algae can clean CO2 emissions from power plant flue gas, and get inspired by the origin story of one of our incubator companies.

December 2022

IMET reflects on another year. This year we awarded nine degrees, received a $7.5 million award from NOAA, hired a new faculty member, hosted an in-person open house, and so much more. In this edition you can also read about IMET in the Baltimore Banner, learn more about a company started by IMET alumni, and see our summer internship application. 

September 2022

Have you ever seen a baby horseshoe crab? In this edition, you can watch baby horseshoe crabs grow! Read about IMET's visit from Annapolis Mayor, Gavin Buckley; meet IMET new faculty member, Dr. Allison Tracy; learn what it takes to be a G20 Youth Delegate; discover how the animals in our Aquaculture Research Center actually get there... and MORE! 

June 2022

In case you missed our Open House in May you can watch a quick recap in this edition. Read about IMET's recent Fulbright Scholars, Lauren Jonas and Dr. Yantao Li; meet the seven graduate students who have successfully defended their dissertations in the past couple of months; congratulate Dr. Yonathan Zohar and Dr. Eric Schott on their latest recognitions; follow along as our new cohort of summer interns join different IMET labs... and so much more!

March 2022

In this edition of Inside IMET meet Muddassar Iqbal, a PhD student in the lab of Dr. Gerardo Vasta. Muddassar shares his research and how it may help prevent viruses from attaching to our cells! You can read about LMRCSC student Nick Coleman and his work with Atlantic sturgeon, take a look at our 2021 Annual Report, congratulate IMET scientists on some incredible new funding and celebrate the return of IMET's Open House!

December 2021

IMET reflects on the past year. With the year, 2021, there came some amazing accomplishments- including the announcement of IMET as one of Baltimore’s Top Workplaces by the Baltimore Sun, the completion and publication of the entire blue crab genome, the renewal of IMET’s long partnership with NOAA to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in marine science and much much more…

September 2021

In this edition of Inside IMET read about how a lab at IMET helped remediate a harmful algal bloom at a Girl Scout camp! You can also learn how IMET has adapted to COVID-19, what life on a research boat is like, and learn about our interns past and present!

June 2021

Did you know that scientists at IMET were the first in North America to raise blue crabs in captivity ... and now the first to sequence its genome! Check out this, along with student and intern projects all happening at IMET.

March 2021

In this edition of Inside IMET, meet the new president of the Graduate Student Association, learn how scientific and artistic entrepreneurs can help each other, and find out how microbes could hold clues to life on other planets.

December 2020

This month, we celebrated the end of a challenging year and the end of IMET's first decade, which has been full of scientific discovery and graduate education. Learn about what we've accomplished in the last ten years and meet an incoming student and IMET alum, both doing innovative marine science research. 

September 2020

Internships, student achievements, and a scooterpalooza! This newsletter has two videos, a feature on IMET alum Leah Maurer, and a Q&A with recent Board of Regents Staff Award winner Monica Gellene.

June 2020

Since our last newsletter, IMET scientists led by Dr. Yantao Li were awarded $3M to study algal GHG sequestration, we started our summer intnership program, and we caught up with some alums about what they've been up to. Find this and much more in our June 2020 newsletter.

March 2020

Why is Ten-Tsao Wong's lab working to create a sterile fish? What is REEF alum Suzan Shahrestani doing to help shrimp farmers? What's a NOAA NERTO? Find the answers and more in the March 2020 Inside IMET!

December 2019

In this edition, we look back at our achievements from 2019: student awards, being named a top workplace, and launching a brand new fellowship. Check out a highlights video and other news stories!

September 2019

This summer, we had over 50 interns in the building. Eleven of them participated in the IMET Summer Internship Program, which is designed to increase diversity in the sciences. We also share a video about the science our students and faculty are doing at sea!

June 2019

There's been a lot going on this spring! Find a video on our Open House, a recap of this year with the REEF program, and an article about the inaugural CIRCA-IMET Artist-in-Resident.

March 2019

Dr. Al Place talks about his work on the Baltimore Harbor Watchman Project in a video, Dr. Mary Larkin explains how her company Blueblood will help the biomedical industry, and we talk with the newest member of the IMET faculty - Dr. Som Chatterjee. 

December 2018

This quarter's newsletter features Dr. Jim Du, for his work on studying muscles in zebrafish and his role in forming collaborations between IMET and the Ocean University of China.

September 2018

Congratulations to the IMET interns and REEF Class of 2018! Learn all about the interns' research, Dr. Rose Jagus' work, and the Ratcliffe Environmental Entrepreneur Fellowship.

June 2018

In this edition of the IMET Newsletter: a recap of the Open House, an interview with Dr. Helen Dooley, and an introduction to the first IMET Student Fellow.