Seminar: Daniel Goodwin, Homeworld Collective

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Seminar: Daniel Goodwin, Homeworld Collective

June 07, 2023 at 12:00pm

Title: New funding mechanisms and their application to climate biotech

Speaker: Daniel Goodwin, Homeworld Collective

Host: Dr. Russell Hill 

Abstract: Every scientist aspires to work on the most important problems they can imagine. The advent of innovative funding tools such as Focused Research Organizations and Fast Grants is beginning to reshape the scientific landscape, encouraging both ambition and risk tolerance. These mechanisms, largely driven by philanthropy, prioritize projects for their additionality and potential impact, thereby filling critical gaps in the innovation ecosystem. Homeworld Collective, a recently established non-profit (501c3), is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community in climate biotech, centering on knowledge generation, community connectivity, and will be launching a grants program in Summer 2023. By adapting these emergent funding mechanisms to climate biotech, we aim to support bioengineers applying their skills to climate challenges and to transform the way science progresses from an idea to an impact.

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