Seminar: Dr. Becky Vega Thurber, Oregon State University

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Seminar: Dr. Becky Vega Thurber, Oregon State University

November 29, 2023 at 12:00pm

Title: Bacteria and viruses of ecologically and economically important marine species: Coral, dinoflagellate, and mackerel disease agents or agents of immune evolution and host resilience?  

Speaker: Dr. Becky Vega Thurber, Oregon State University

Host: Dr. Allison Tracy

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In this talk I will discuss our recent efforts to identify and then track the dynamics of specific bacteria and virus in marine corals and fishes. In the first part of the talk, I will discuss our work on a coral bacterial parasite, Aquarickettsia rohweri, and its role in coral disease processes. I will then transition to talking about the identification and characterization of endogenous viruses of coral dinoflagellate symbionts and their potential role in innate immunity and symbiont evolution. I will end with some unpublished research on viruses as agents of Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease and Puffy Snout Syndrome in corals and captive tuna and mackerels, respectively.