2023 Publications (Full List)

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2023 Publications (Full List)

Mar 06, 2024


*Wang, T., T. Bachvaroff and J. S. Chung. 2023. Identifying the genes involved in the egg-carrying ovigerous hair development of the female blue crab Callinectes sapidus: transcriptomic and genomic expression analyses. BMC Genomics 


*Haq S., B. Oyler, *E. Williams, M. Khan, D. Goodlett, T. Bachvaroff and A. Place. 2023. Investigating a multi-domain polyketide synthase in Amphidinium carterae. Marine Drugs


*Green S., T. Bachvaroff and J.S. Chung. 2023. Eyestalk neuropeptide identification in the female red deep-sea crab, Chaceon quinquedens. General and Comparative Endocrinology.



Alexander J.A.N., L.J. Worrall, J. Hu, M. Vuckovic, *N. Satishkumar, R. Poon, S. Sobhanifar, F.L. Rosell, J. Jenkins, D. Chiang, W.A. Mosimann, H.F. Chambers, M. Paetzel, S.S. Chatterjee, N.C.J. Strynadka. 2023. Structural basis of broad-spectrum β-lactam resistance in Staphylococcus aureus. Nature. 


Lai L.Y., *N. Satishkumar, *S. Cardozo, V. Hemmadi, L.B. Marques, L. Huang, S.R. Filipe, M.G. Pinho, H.F. Chambers and S.S. Chatterjee SS. 2023. Altered PBP4 and GdpP functions synergistically mediate MRSA-like high-level, broad-spectrum β-lactam resistance in Staphylococcus aureus. bioRxiv.



Mohy-Ud-Din, W., F. Chen, S. Bashir, H.N. Asghar, Z.U.R. Farooqi, U. Zulfiqar and F.U. Haider. 2023. Unlocking the potential of glyphosate resistant bacterial strains in biodegradation and maize growth. Frontiers in Microbiology.


Bashir, S., Mohy-Ud-Din, W., M.J. Akhtar, S. Bashir, H.N. Asghar, M. Farrakh Nawaz and F. Chen. 2023. Isolation of glyphosphate-resistant bacterial strains to improve the growth of maize and degrade glyphosphate under axenic conditions. Agriculture.


Zheng, H., Y. Liu, R. Zhou, J. Liu, Y. Xu and F. Chen. 2023. A novel estuarine cyanophage S-CREM1 encodes three distinct antitoxin genes and a large number of non-coding RNA Genes. Viruses.


*Jia, Y., M. Lahm, Q. Chen, L. Powers, M. Gonsior and F. Chen. 2023. The predominance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea in an oceanic microbial community amended with cyanobacterial lysate. Microbiology Spectrum. 


Zhang, Z., Z. Wu, H. Liu, M. Yang, R. Wang, Y. Zhao and F. Chen. 2023. Genomic analysis and characterization of phages infecting marine Roseobacter CHAB-I-5 lineage reveal a novel globally distributed and abundant genus. Frontiers in Microbiology.



*Wang, T., T. Bachvaroff, and J. S. Chung. 2023. Identifying the genes involved in the egg-carrying ovigerous hair development of the female blue crab Callinectes sapidus: Transcriptomic and genomic expression analysis. BMC Genomics


Choi, M-J, Y. D. Oh, J. S. Chung, J-M Kim and H. K. Lim. 2023. Molecular characterization of four genes encoding abalone insulin-related peptides and their roles in regulation of hemolymph glucose in the Pacific abalone Haliotis discus hannai. Aquaculture 


*Wang, T., K. He, L. Blaney and J. S. Chung. 2023. Testosterone and steroidogenic genes in the male blue crab Callinectes sapidus and the relationship with insulin-like androgenic gland factor (IAG) and crustacean female sex hormone (CFSH). Aquaculture.


*Green, S., T. Bachvaroff and J. S. Chung. 2023. Understanding eyestalk neuropeptides influencing vitellogenesis of the red deep-sea crab, Chaceon quinquedens. General and Comparative Endocrinology.



Nag S., P. DasSarma, D.J. Crowley, R. Hamawi, S. Tepper, B.P. Anton, D. Guzmán D, and S. DasSarma. 2023. Genomic analysis of Haloarchaea from diverse environments, including Permian halite, reveals diversity of ultraviolet radiation survival and DNA photolyase gene variants. Microorganisms.


Sokolskyi, T., and S. DasSarma. 2023. Role of horizontal gene transfers and microbial ecology in the evolution of fluxes through the tricarboxylic acid cycle. International Journal of Astrobiology.



Chen, W-H., A. Hajduczki, E. Martinez, H. Bai, *H. Matz, *T.M. Hill, E. Lewitus, W.E. Chang, L. Dawit, C.E. Peterson, P.A. Rees, A.B. Ajayi, E.S. Golub, I. Swafford, V. Dussupt, S. David, S. Soman, C. Kuklis, C. Corbitt, J. King, M. Choe, R.S. Sankhala, P.V. Thomas, M. Zemil, L. Wieczorek, T. Hart, D. Duso, L. Kummer, L. Yan, S.L. Sterling, E.D. Laing, C.C. Broder, E. Davidson, S.J. Krebs, V.R. Polonis, D. Paquin-Proulx, M. Rolland, W. Reiley, G.D. Gromowski, K. Modjarrad, H. Dooley and M.G. Joyce. 2023. Pan-sarbecovirus shark nanobodies with potent neutralizing activity. Nature Communications.


Jia, Z., J. Feng, H. Dooley, J. Zou and J. Wang. 2023. The first crystal structure of CD8αα from a cartilaginous fish. Frontiers in Immunology. 


Srinivasan R.K., M.P. McRae, N.J. Christodoulides, I.P. Dapkins, G.W. Simmons, *H. Matz, H. Dooley, D. Fenyö and J.T. McDevitt. (2023) An integrated AI and simultaneous SARS-CoV-2 antigen and host antibody screening strategy at the point of care. Bioengineering. 10: 670. PMID 37370601.


*Matz H., R.S. Taylor, A.K. Redmond, *T. Hill, R.R. Daniels, M. Beltran, N.C. Henderson, D.J. Macqueen and H. Dooley, H. (2023). Organized B cell sites in cartilaginous fishes reveal the evolutionary foundation of germinal centers. Cell Reports. 


*Matz, H. and H. Dooley. (2023) 450 million years in the making: mapping the evolutionary foundations of germinal centers. Frontiers in Immunology.



Dong Z., Y. Bai, S. Liu, H. Yu, L. Kong, S.J. Du and Q. Li. A chromosome-level genome assembly of Ostrea denselamellosa provides initial insights into its evolution. Genomics, 2023 


Xie X., W. Teng, Z. Yu, D. Li, M. Yang, H. Zhang, J. Zheng, H. Li, Y. Sun, X. Liu, Z. Zhou, X. Zhang, S.J. Du, Q. Li, Y. Chang, M. Zhang and Q. Wang. Chromosome-level genome assembly of sea scallop Placopecten magellanicus provides insights into the genetic characteristics and adaptive evolution of large scallops. Genomics, 2023


Yao Z.L., Q.F. Fang, J.Y. Li, M. Zhou, S.J. Du, H.J. Chen, H. Wang, S.J. Jiang, X. Wang, Y. Zhao and X.S Ji. Alternative splicing of histone demethylase Kdm6bb mediates temperature-induced sex reversal in the Nile tilapia. Current Biology. 2023


*Tizabi, D., and R. T. Hill. 2023. Micrococcus spp. as a promising source for drug discovery: A review. Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology


Zhang, S., R. T. Hill and H. Wang. 2023. Genomic characterization and molecular dating of the novel bacterium Permianibacter aggregans HW001T, which originated from Permian ground water. Marine Life Science & Technology


Chigbu P., E.A. Babcock, D.M. Gibson, D. Hoskins-Brown, R. Jagus, J.A. Miller, M. A. Sexton, S.L. Smith, B. Stevens, D.J. Die, E. Schott, E. and V. Young. 2023. Preparing a diverse future workforce in marine and fisheries science: The NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center. Oceanography



Lee, Y.-Y., *Jonas, L., Hill, R., Place, A., Silsbe, G., Hunsicker, S., North, E. & Li, Y. 2024. Engineering whiting events in culture: A microalgae-driven calcium carbonate and biomass production process at high pH and alkalinity with the marine microalga Nannochloropsis oceanica IMET1. Journal of CO2 Utilization. 80: 102669.



Broemsen, E. L. E., Place, A. R., and Parrow, M. W., 2023. Division time (TD) for in situ growth measurements demonstrates thermal ecotypes in Karlodinium veneficum. Harmful Algae.


Lennon, J. T., Frost, S. D. W., Nguyen, N. K., Peralta, A. L., Place, , A. R. , and Treseder, K. K. 2023. Microbiology and climate change: A transdisciplinary imperative. mBIO.


Pease S.K.D., T.A. Egerton, K.S. Reece, M.P. Sanderson, M.D. Onofrio, E. Yeargan, A. Wood, A. Roach, I-S.W. Huang, G.P. Scott, A.R. Place, A.M. Hayes and J.L. Smith. 2023. Co-occurrence of marine and freshwater phycotoxins in oysters, and analysis of possible predictors for management. Toxicon-X. 


Larkin M. and A.R. Place. 2023. Dietary wheat gluten alters the gut microbiome and plasma taurine levels in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. Special Issue "New Insights into Fish Physiology- Application Focus: Challenges and Mitigations."


Haq S., B.I. Oyler, E. Williams, M.M. Khan, D.R. Goodlett, T. Bachvarof and A.R. Place. 2023. Investigating a multi-domain polyketide synthase in Amphidinium carterae. Marine Drugs.



Tikhonova T.V., E.M. Osipov, N.I. Dergousova, K.M. Boyko, I.M. Elizarov, S.N. Gavrilov, M.G. Khrenova, F.T. Robb, A.Y. Solovieva, E.A. Bonch-Osmolovskaya and V.O. Popov. 2023. Extracellular Fe(III) reductase structure reveals a modular organization enabling S-layer insertion and electron transfer to insoluble substrates. Structure.



Chigbu P., E.A. Babcock, D.M. Gibson, D. Hoskins-Brown, R. Jagus, J.A. Miller, M. A. Sexton, S.L. Smith, B. Stevens, D.J. Die, E. Schott, E. and V. Young. 2023. Preparing a diverse future workforce in marine and fisheries science: The NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center. Oceanography.


Zhao M., L. Plough, D. Behringer, J. Bojko, A. Kough, N.W. Alper, L. Xu, and E.J. Schott. 2023. Cross-hemispheric genetic diversity and spatial genetic structure of Callinectes sapidus reovirus 1 (CsRV1).  Viruses.


Lively J., M. Spitznagel, E. Schott and H. Small H. 2023. Investigating conspecific CsRV1 transmission in Callinectes sapidus. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology.


Rome, M., A. Happel, C. Dahlenburg, P. Nicodemus, E. Schott, S. Mueller, K. Lovell and R.E. Beighley. 2023. Application of floating wetlands for the improvement of degraded urban waters. Science of the Total Environment.



Kachmar, M., C. N. Bergman, H. J. Schreier, G. Field, and C. A. Burge. Perkinsus sp. infection of Crassostrea virginica with a changing climate in the Chesapeake Bay.  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. In press.



Tracy, A.M., K. Heggie, C. Ritter, D. Norman, R. Aguilar and M.B. Ogburn. (2023) Oyster reef habitat depends on environmental conditions and management across large spatial scales. Marine Ecology Progress Series.



Gong C., M. Guo, J. Lou, L. Zhang, Z. An, V.N. Vakharia, W. Kong and X. Liu. 2023. Identification and characterization of a highly virulent Citrobacter freundii isolate and its activation on immune responses in largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides). Fish Shellfish Immunology.


Liu X., Y. Zhang, Z. Zhang, Z. An, X. Zhang, V.N. Vakharia and L. Lin. 2023. Isolation, identification and the pathogenicity characterization of a Santee-Cooper ranavirus and its activation on immune responses in juvenile largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides). Fish and Shellfish Immunology.


Gorgoglione B., J.T. Liu, J. Li and V.N. Vakharia. 2023. The efficacy of new oral vaccine feeds against Salmonid novirhabdovirus in rainbow trout. Fish and Shellfish Immunology Reports. 



Shi X-Z., M-C. Yang, X-L. Kang, Y-X. Li, P-P. Hong, X-F. Zhao, G.R. Vasta and J-X. Wang. 2023. Scavenger receptor B2, a type III membrane pattern recognition receptor, senses LPS and activates the IMD pathway in crustaceans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 


Feng C., A.S. Cross and G.R. Vasta. 2023. Galactin-1 mediates interactions between polymorphonuclear leukocytes and vascular endothelial cells, and promotes their extravasation during lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury. Molecular Immunology.



Wong, T-T., G.-G. Liou and M.-C. Kan. 2023. A thermal-stable protein nanoparticle that stimulates long lasting humoral immune response. Vaccines.



Ben-Asher R., Y. Zohar, *M. Stromberg and O. Lahav. 2023. A new approach for eliminating off-flavors from RAS fish, as part of the normal grow-out period. Water Research.


Zohar Y. 2023. Innovative Aquaculture Technologies – Recirculating Aquaculture Systems. The Journal of Ocean Technology. 18:114-115.


*indicates IMET graduate student author