IMET Thanks Dr. Jim Albrecht

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IMET Thanks Dr. Jim Albrecht

Sep 29, 2022

On Tuesday, September 13th IMET’s long time friend and supporter, Dr. Jim Albrecht, returned to IMET to visit with a group of graduate students. These graduate students all have something in common, they are Albrecht Fellows. 

Each year, Dr. Albrecht provides funding to a Ph.D. or Masters student for their first year of study. To thank him for his support, graduate students Jing Wang, Muddassar Iqbal, Sakura Tanaka, and Chelsea Bergman joined Dr. Albrecht for a special lunch. Dr. Albrecht and the students discussed their shared passion for the environment and their concern for its protection. As a result of his 40 years in the food industry, Dr. Albrecht gives incredible scientific and career advice. His engaging and personable manner helped facilitate lively conversation. 

After soaking up his invaluable advice, each student gave a short presentation on the research Dr. Albrecht’s fellowship helped support. See below for each student's name, university, degree, and research focus. 

Jing Wang 

University: UMCES
Degree: pursuing PhD 
Research Focus: Understanding the symbiotic relationship between microalgae and bacteria

Muddassar Iqbal

University: UMB
Degree: pursuing PhD
Research Focus: Role of Galectin-3 in Airway Epithelial Integrity During Influenza A infection

Sakura Tanaka 

University: UMBC
Degree: successfully defended PhD in July
Research Focus: How zebrafish reproduce without the hypophysiotropic GnRH

Chelsea Bergman

University: UMBC
Degree: pursuing MS
Research Focus: Understanding seagrass wasting disease in the Chesapeake Bay and the role of oyster density on the filtration of Labyrinthula zosterae

Incredibly impressed with the students' presentations, Dr. Albrecht gave high praise. Leaving the room feeling hopeful for the future, we asked the students to share some words about Dr. Albrecht and the visit:

“As a recipient of the prestigious Albrecht fellowship I commend Jim’s generous support and selfless commitment towards the career development of the next generation of scientists and leaders. During a stimulating and thoughtful discussion with him I learned how profound his vision was for a better and brighter future of humanity and the planet at large, with clear and realistic goals into achieving that coveted future. He articulates his vision and goals clearly so the young men and women of today understand and appreciate his perspective and join hands to extend his legacy and commitment".

-Muddassar Iqbal

“I enjoyed the conversations with Dr. Albrecht and also everyone's talks. I am honored to be a recipient of his support. I hope Dr. Albrecht and IMET continue this great relationship in the future.” 

-Sakura Tanaka

I am very grateful for Dr. Albrecht's support and help when I first came to the United States, so that I could start my research in a new environment as I wish. I will continue to focus on my research and become a person who makes contributions to society like Dr. Albrecht.

-Jing Wang