Overcoming Structural Racism and Working Towards a Fairer Society

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Overcoming Structural Racism and Working Towards a Fairer Society

Jun 09, 2020

We recently sent this statement to the IMET Community:

We have been horrified and angered by the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and by other acts of brutality against black men and women, in the past days, weeks, and decades.

The University System of Maryland and our Partner Institutions have released statements that I urge you to read. Note the powerful pledge for Chancellor Perman: “We acknowledge with one voice the structural racism that’s taking the lives of our fellow citizens, and we stand in solidarity as we speak out against racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, discrimination against our LGBTQ and immigrant communities, religious intolerance, and bigotry of any kind.”

USM: Statement by USM Leadership on Structural Racism and the Killing of George Floyd 

UMB: Statement on the Death of George Floyd and Social Justice Town Hall and Conversation with Ray Lewis

UMCES: Statement from President Goodwin on UMCES' Commitment to Diversity

UMBC: Support of USM Statement on Injustice and Letter to the UMBC Community

For many years, we have recognized that we also have a responsibility at IMET to work towards a more just society. We have made diversity, equity, and inclusion high priorities in our institute and are proud of the contributions we have made so far and the investments we have made in educating a more diverse science community. Still, we can always do better and today we strengthen our commitment to listen, learn, and continue to grow.

We can always do better. I look forward to hearing your ideas on ways that IMET can be more engaged and effective on social justice issues in the coming months and years. With all of our partners pledging to do their part in addressing racism and systemic inequalities, we will contribute to and support their initiatives to the fullest extent.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 
― Nelson Mandela


Russell Hill

Executive Director and Professor