Jessica Baniak

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Jessica Baniak

Research Interests

Research interests:

  • Horseshoe Crab Aquaculture

  • Real-world Applications of Applied Research 

  • Environmental Educational Outreach

Jessica Baniak is a M.S. working in the lab of Dr. J. Sook Chung at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology. She is interested in updating/adapting aquaculture conditions for L. polyphemus with a focus on temperature and its impacts on feed consumption, growth, and mortality. Furthermore, she is partnered with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources on a program called “Horseshoe Crabs in the Classroom” where she works with middle and high school public teachers to raise horseshoe crabs in their respective schools. She is currently a member of the ICARE (Interdisciplinary Consortium for Applied Research in the Environment) scholarship program. 


University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2023, B.S., Biological Sciences

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