Congratulations to our recent grads!

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Congratulations to our recent grads!

Jun 23, 2021
headshots of 5 IMET Graduates with graduation cap and text "Congratulations"

Congratulations to IMET's graduates from 2020-2021!

headshot of Kelsey Abernathy, Ph.D.

Reflecting on her graduate education, Kelsey said, “Participating in the REEF program at IMET was one of the best experiences during graduate school. This program introduced me to a new career track and taught me so many valuable skills that I have used both in the lab and in life. The REEF program increased my confidence in public speaking and networking and has helped me to achieve my goals of going full time in the company I co-founded while at IMET.”

For an abstract of Dr. Kelsey Abernathy’s dissertation, click here.

headshot of Daniel Fucich, Ph.D.

Reflecting on his graduate educaiton, Dan said, “I think the experience that stood out for me most was the opportunity to travel during my graduate years. I was lucky enough to visit Japan, China, and Bermuda during graduate school. Particularly, our research cruise in 2019 to the Bermuda Ocean Time Series (BATS) was unforgettable. Life included irregular but regimented sleep schedules for retrieving casts at 03:00, making peace with the waves (to avoid sea sickness), and finally squeezing in runs on the on-board treadmill while it rocked back and forth with the boat (my record was 2.5 miles without holding the handles). I was very lucky to be included on the cruise team and will never forget that week. I would like to thank everyone at IMET and UMCES for helping me through my graduate school years and look forward to everyone's continued success!”

For an abstract of Dr. Daniel Fucich’s dissertation, click here.

headshot of Lauren Jonas, MS

Lauren has started a Ph.D. in the Hill Lab, focusing on advancing the development of algae-based biofuels. She will continue to use many similar scientific techniques, which have unveiled the hidden world of microscopic organisms. Lauren remarked, “Being a microbiologist makes you appreciate how much of science is completely undetectable by the human eye. So many mind-blowing biological and chemical processes are going on all around us, and we don't even know it!”

As Lauren advances from her master’s research to her doctoral studies, she offered some advice for incoming graduate students. She said, “Get ready for some hard days, but also some really rewarding experiences. You will not be the same person once you go through graduate school - you will be more resilient.”

For an abstract of Lauren Jonas’ thesis, click here.

headshot of Amanda Lawrence, MS

While at IMET, Amanda was president of the Graduate Student Association. Reflecting on her time as a graduate student, she said, “Find support, whether it's within faculty and/or other graduate students - they have been exactly where you are now and are an invaluable resource. Know that you will make mistakes, and that it is okay because next time you won't make the same one again. Be open and try all the things, because the only way you know if you truly like something (or not), is if you try it.”

For an abstract of Amanda Lawrence’s thesis, click here.

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