IMET's annual Open Day featured

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IMET's annual Open Day featured

Aug 14, 2017

Baltimore, MD (August 14, 2017)

On Saturday, May 6, IMET invited members of the public to tour its Inner Harbor facility in downtown Baltimore. Over 150 attendees of all ages showed up and were able to meet face-to-face with IMET scientists and learn about the exciting work that they are doing.

Chesapeake Bay Magazine reporter, Meg Walburn Viviano, was on hand to check out the Open Day event. Referring to IMET as "the Inner Harbor's best-kept secret", her article talks about some of the different projects featured by researchers, as well as a few of the cool, hands-on things people experienced.

Thanks to ideas and feedback from those who attended, IMET hopes to make future Open Days even bigger and better.

To read the full article about IMET's Open Day, click here.

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