FISH: Feeding Individuals to Support Health

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FISH: Feeding Individuals to Support Health


The FISH (Feeding Individuals to Support Health) Project began in 2017 as a unique partnership to provide healthy fish to Baltimore residents. 

Since then, over 13,000 pounds of fish were grown at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET), processed by JJ McDonnell, and distributed by the Maryland Food Bank to serve 23,600 meals. This was all with the support of United Way of Central Maryland and McCormick’s Flavor for Life. 

This project draws on the strengths of all the partners to contribute to sustainable aquaculture research, workforce development, and food security.

IMET has expertise in growing fish in a sustainable recirculating aquaculture system. IMET was able to further refine the process and verified that fish produced in IMET had negligible levels of mercury and arsenic, a major concern in wild-caught fish. 

Five youth interns from Baltimore City learned about the science of recirculating aquaculture systems and helped raise fish from fingerlings to harvest size. Four high school interns presented their research project at the District of Columbia Metropolitan Branch Science Fair. 

Fish was distributed by the Maryland Food Bank with recipes from McCormick. 

From tank to table, this program supports environmental and human health, building stronger families and communities.

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