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FISH Project Fish Distributed at Pantry on the Go

Fish harvested at IMET in this summer for the FISH Project were prepared as packages of fresh-frozen fillets by J.J. McDonnell & Co. Maryland Food Bank delivered frozen bronzini to the Pantry on the GO (POTG) in Essex in the morning of August 7. Our locally grown bronzini is a very special commodity for this POTG and well-received by hundreds of hungry people waited in long lines.


FISH Project Featured on WBFF


First 2019 FISH Harvest

The first sea bass harvest in summer 2019 for the second year of the FISH project was on the morning of July 10. There were over 1,500 fish, all more than one pound, harvested. These fish were sent to JJ McDonnell, a FISH partner, to be prepared to fish frozen fillets.

JJ McDonnell's truck at IMET's loading dock to pick up the harvested sea bass. 

IMET summer interns Aaron Johnson and Alex Nadobny transferred sea bass to JJ McDonnell's containers.

Maryland Food Bank visits IMET


Trainees from the Maryland Food Bank's Foodworks culinary training program visited IMET to see how we grow our fish. Dr. Keiko Saito showed them our tanks and the bronzini that are being grown for the FISH program. 

Prepare sea bass like McCormick

McCormick, a fish Partner has a delicious recipe for Mediterranean Fish Fillets. Check it out and try it for yourself here

Mediterranean Fish Fillets

IMET Harvests Shrimp to Serve at the Franciscan Center of Baltimore

Shrimp were harvested in Aquaculture Research Center at IMET in April. Tasty shrimp and grits prepared with IMET-grown shrimp using recipe of McCormick Flavor for Life were served on Mother's Day brunch at Franciscan Center! You can read about the event in and And you can cook your own shrimp following recipes developed by spice company and FISH partner McCormick: 

Find Shrimp Recipes Here

Harvesting Shrimp at IMET


JJ McDonnell Visits IMET

JJ McDonnell Group visits IMET

The sales and marketing teams of JJ McDonnell and owner Mr. George McManus, our partner of FISH (Feeding Individual to Support Health) project, visited IMET on Feb. 22, 2019. Seafood experts from JJ were happy to see shrimp and bronzini growing in our facility using IMET's sustainable farming systems.

Next Year's European Sea Bass for FISH

European Sea Bass grown at IMET

At IMET, we are already well on our way toward growing European Sea Bass for next year's FISH donation. Catch a sneak peak into their growth in this video

Shrimp Arrive at IMET!

Fish 44-46 days after hatching

Track their growth in a short video recorded by Dr. Sook Chung at varous stages in their development.

Franciscan Center Visits IMET

A partner of FISH, Baltimore's Franciscan Center visited IMET on October 3 to learn our sustainable fish farming operation. Staff members of the soup kitchen baked and served bronzini raised at IMET in this summer heard researchers studying to find science-based information to support aquaculture practice to be sustainable and saw fish for second year production of FISH project are growing in the land-based aquaculture systems during the facility tour.

Franciscan Center Visits IMET


Growing Next Year's Fish

Fingerling arrived at IMET from French hatchery on July 6

Fingerling arrived at IMET from French hatchery on July 6.


FISH Press Coverage


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